Epic 40,000: Ork Mega Gargant


An Ork Mega Gargant conversion for you this time. The stock model for this one is a bit funny looking so I gave it a decent bit of conversion work with the putty to get it looking a bit more like the old Kev Adams Gargant sculpts.

I replaced the weedy arm gun with a gatling gun as big as other races titans and stuck the mortar in the belly to give it some more dakka where it counts. This thing has a very large number of weapon systems which all aim forwards.

Painting was mostly contrast paint over the silver base colour. I used oil washes to shade.

I have added a number of epic orks to the base to communicate the scale of the model.

WIP of Mega Gargant Conversion

This model is intended to be the centerpiece for my Epic 40k Ork force.

3 thoughts on “Epic 40,000: Ork Mega Gargant

  1. Gorgeous work. The contrast and oil washes over the metallics works super well. It looks like a real monster.

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