The Temple of Painted Bizaza Masters

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I painted these using the master castings so the details are much more crisp than previous efforts.  They  are very straight forward to paint as they have very open stances.  I find painting the 2 handed weapons separately and attaching them later is a good idea.

I tend to use lots of shading and glazes on them.


I like the copper and leather basic equipment colours on these guys, they benefit with bright contrasting colours as spot colours.  I have used a jade green colour on the stones and jewellery tends to be gold.


The eyes are basically like cats eyes with a vertical black oblong.  Lots of purple and red washes work well around the yellow eyes to give them some warmth.



I knocked this thing together last week.  Basically layers of polystyrene and some foam card for the rails.  I created a stone face tile and made a siligum mould to pour plastic resin castings.img_2705


Bizaza Guard Regiment

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Recently I decided to use some of my spare home cast Bizaza to make up a unit of 12 of them for use for Dragon Rampant, the system in vogue at the moment with our gaming group.  The casting on them is dodgy in places but nothing that the brush can’t conceal.


As I only had 2 moulds made of the 6 minis in the set, I created a couple of conversions using some of my other prototype weapon builds. They have been painted in a diverse set of colours with Air Caste Thinner used on the skin to give it a real gloss.  The gloss effect makes it tricky to get a good photo but I like the look on the table which is the priority with a personal gaming army like this.


In other news I recently got my hands on some resin masters for the Bizaza set.  These have been skillfully made by Zealot Miniatures.  They are very nice castings with the most delicate of details coming out crisp.  I am looking forward to getting some time to paint them up to include them in army.






Hybork with Powerklaw

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Here we have another Hybork, this time armed with a powerklaw from the GW Ork Nobz plastic set as well as a missile pod from the GW Ork Lootaz set.


I currently am in the process of ordering another run of these Hybork 32 piece sets, so if you are interested in getting yourself a set let me know soon and I should be able to sort you out.  You can find out more here: Project Hybork on Facebook.


I have retained the classic colour scheme for this one with little use of green colour.  The Iron Jaw serves as a cyber replacement, so I took the opportunity to cover it in some blood.


I have been experimenting using Army Painter Purple Tone and Blue Tone to smooth out the contrasting highlights, using it mixed with Air Caste Thinner to dilute the glaze.  I find them to be fantastic products that give a nice streak free finish.


Lots of use of Army Painter Dark Tone and Green Tone especially on the powerklaw.  The copper areas also got some Citadel Verdigris on it as well as Ryza Rust and Flesh Wash.


Now the family photo looks like this.


Kwinik the Shieldbearer

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The 6th sculpt from the Kickstarter.





Weapon and shield was done by the missus again.

The full Bizaza Guard set

The full Bizaza Guard set

Urbat the Sheildbearer

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Finished off the 5th of 6 sculpts for the Kickstarter, Urbat the Shieldbearer.

I have kept him pretty free of equipment for the most part so he should be good for interesting body paint or skin patterns.  He is not socketed for weapon swaps but I anticipate I will be giving a version of him a pistol and power glove in a later edition.


Photo-0028 - Copy


Photo-0026 - Copy

El Jefe

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El Jefe is the leader of my new Frostgrave warband.  He is a heavily converted Slann Animal handler model from Citadel.

El Jefe

Photo-0027 (2)

Photo-0030 (2)


Here is the actual warband…

Frostgrave Warband

Frostgrave Warband 2

Blue Halberdier

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Same halberdier with a different skin tone and eye colour.

Photo-0019 (2)

Photo-0020 (2)

They will rank up nicely in this pose.Photo-0023 (2)

Photo-0022 (2)