Rogue Trader Era Imperial Guard Project – Medic

Humans, Warhammer 40K

This guy is the medic for the command squad sculpted by Mark Copplestone.  It’s of 1989 vintage and is a quaint sculpt with regard to how the medikit on his back connects flush to the breastplate on his right hand side whilst on the opposite side the there is a space where the uniform and belt are visible making the whole assembly an asymmetrical design.

An imperial medic prepares to administer the last rites with his autopistol

An imperial medic prepares to administer the last rites with his autopistol

I decided not to paint anything larger than a button red on this model and I chose to use a metallic green for the helmet badge and a more green tinted uniform colour than the other models in the squad.  Colour wise it is going to be hospital greeens rather than red-cross reds for this force.

He has really cool boots which are quite different from the other models in the set which are generally only riding boots style things or boots & goulashes.

An imperial medikit.

An imperial medikit.

I went for a very dark skin tone for this chap as I knew I wanted to have white equipment.  I like how the dark skin tone contrasts with the gold framing the breast plate and white helmet.

7 thoughts on “Rogue Trader Era Imperial Guard Project – Medic

  1. Very nice 🙂

    The green laurel wreath was a good call I think, although its hard to see how different the figure does or does not look overall in comparison with the rest of the unit without them being alongside. Im glad that you didnt make a big feature of the heart-with-blade badge, though. It didnt need to be picked out in red like some sort of cartoon sailor tattoo 🙂

    The boots look a lot like the boots on a couple of the Blood Bowl Chaos Thugs from the same era. The Timberlands look that you went with is kinda fun.

    1. lol yeah you are totally right about the heart-with-blade badge, “cartoon sailor tattoo” is probably the most graceful thing you could put on the internet about that approach. It is a very large feature on the model as it has lots of depth and really bulges on the front of the model.

      1. One other thing about this guy is that with his left arm in that hovering position it is possible to sling a lasgun with strap from the Catachan Jungle Fighters plastics accross it which looks kind of cool and gives one the option of lasgun or no lasgun which is desirable for a medic – you never know what the hell you will want to arm him with in support of the squads role in a given game.

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