The Temple of Painted Bizaza Masters


I painted these using the master castings so the details are much more crisp than previous efforts.  They  are very straight forward to paint as they have very open stances.  I find painting the 2 handed weapons separately and attaching them later is a good idea.

I tend to use lots of shading and glazes on them.


I like the copper and leather basic equipment colours on these guys, they benefit with bright contrasting colours as spot colours.  I have used a jade green colour on the stones and jewellery tends to be gold.


The eyes are basically like cats eyes with a vertical black oblong.  Lots of purple and red washes work well around the yellow eyes to give them some warmth.



I knocked this thing together last week.  Basically layers of polystyrene and some foam card for the rails.  I created a stone face tile and made a siligum mould to pour plastic resin castings.img_2705



12 Responses to “The Temple of Painted Bizaza Masters”

  1. They look great, very realistic looking skin. The temple is very nice as well!

  2. The pyramid rocks. Badum tsss
    The frogs are awesome.
    The combo is beyond cool.

  3. Its very much looking like a unified vision now, really exciting. Great work.

  4. mrsaturdays Says:

    It really is all coming together rather wonderfully, well done that man!

  5. That’s the bisniss right there Otto! Well done 🙂

  6. Tremendously cool! Wow, what a piece you built here!

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