The Sweedork Chef

28mm, Orc, Orks, Space Orks

Made this chap for an upcoming game of Brewhouse Bash with Mr. Saturday and Cheetor.  Savage Orc plastics is the base for this orkification of the popular Muppet Show character.

The Sweedork Chef

The Sweedork Chef

The Sweedork Chef Left

The Sweedork Chef Rear

The Sweedork Chef Right


12 thoughts on “The Sweedork Chef

  1. God I just realised the boss is slipping on the floor, that detail alone made ma laught real hard, he looks perfect !
    Not only is the model brilliant both in terms of modelling and painting but the humour is just spot on !

    The wolrd needs to see some WIP shots.

  2. That’s perfect. He put de squig inde pot?

    Never heard of brew house bash – but I reckon I can work it out 🙂

  3. Haha, so great! 😀
    These are the projects that make the hobby colourful and interesting, those that you don’t ever imagine are possible until someone suddenly comes out with the idea!

  4. Love the neon soup on his spoon. It took me a minute to relasie that he is actually falling over. What’s for dinner tonight? Blue snail! I actually feel sorry for the snail, it looks so cute ;).

    1. If you feel sorry for it then I have succeeded in designing him right. The Swedish chef is often suspiciously surrounded by cute chickens so I wanted to have a not to that. The Neon soup was a late addition special effect, as was the slipping on the floor – I just tend to roll with miniature painting and have no hesitation on seizing on good ideas (and listening to the advice of my GF ;)) as I go.

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