Dark Elf Warriors Unit

Dark Elves, Fantasy, Warhammer Fantasy

Dark Elves!  Gotta love em.  Gotta love em so much I have decided to paint an army of them during this year.

Warhammer Armies 3e Entry for Dark Elf Warriors.

It is intended as a Dragon Rampant force with an eye to use in Warhammer related games.  Dragon Rampant units tend to be 12 models strong.  I have 20 of these guys which I would need for Warhammer, so I went with painting all of them at once, otherwise I would probably never come back to them.

Plastic Dark Elves Designed by Aly Morrison

I got some old plastic Dark Elf warriors from a buddy recently and couldn’t resist using them for the core of this force.  They are actually Aly Morrison sculpts.  They are chunky nuggets of fun.  I expect that this miniature is a Talisman prototype that somehow made it into production as the regiment in the box set above.


I ditched the stock shields immediately in favor of the classic Marauder miniatures shield – probably sculpted by Aly to increase the Alyness of this product to 11.  The rounded shape balances out the outrageously pointy shoulder pads.


20 Dark Elf Warriors

The colours are very restricted for me.  Just Black, silver, gold, red, with a few other colours for hair here and there.  This will keep the army looking tight, as I intend to mix in a fair mix of Dark Elf models, or other Elf models that I can shoehorn in there convincingly.

Tray has 3 extra spaces for characters and afford handling during play.

They get a movement tray, which is handy for storage and generally keeping them together both on my shelf defending against my many cats and during massed combat games.

The hex bases I love for these types of projects as they allow you to lock the bases in formation and still look good when standing alone in skirmish games.

The little leaves are from birch tree seeds.  They are lovely things to work with.  I have enhanced the colours simply by using red, green and brown washes on top of them.



20 thoughts on “Dark Elf Warriors Unit

  1. Great work. I agree with the shield change and in fact am doing something similar on my 5th ed era High Elf Army. Your photos need to be clickable for embiggening though! Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. This unit has inspired me greatly, I want to paint all the monopose things! Well maybe not all. Like, some of the things. A couple perhaps. But yeah, this is some solid work on classic Gary Morrison minis, well done 😀

  3. They look fantastic! Very dark and evil looking bastards, the way DE should look yeah?

    Re, the hex bases, I’ve never really considered the ranking possibilities of them, but seeing it now, the benefit is pretty obvious isn’t it. Ranking up monopose minis front-on without them rubbing shoulders looks pretty cool. I’m too far down the “square base path” to change, but I wish I had used them from day dot now.

    Cool 🙂

    1. Thanks Papafakis. There are certainly some sculpts that look nicer when off the square format bases ranked up. I think it’s important to make a square movement base for aesthetics to visually balance the baseline footprint and keep them together on the tabletop – hex bases are slightly more troublesome than square ones when changing formation and ranking up during a game.

      I decided to implement it in this force as I knew it would be fairly self contained if the basing proved to be an issue. I have never gamed with a hex based force as of yet, it’s an experiment in functionality.

      That it will look good as an army is the main goal of course. 🙂

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