Sea Reiver Raid, Rivers Run Red

28mm, Bizaza, Dark Elves, Fantasy, Slann, Warhammer Fantasy

Recently I have made some new additions to my growing 3rd Edition Warhammer Slann army project.

I managed to paint up many copies of my own Bizaza blowpipe trooper sculpt and added in a couple of the vintage Perry Twins sculpted Citadel Slann models to break the monopose up a bit.

The colour scheme is straight outta Warhammer Armies ;P

I got the enthusiasm to finally finish off 5 Bob Naismith sculpted cold one riders. The riders themselves are Trish Carden sculpts, although I think the leader, who is a 40k Slann, might be a Perry.

Bull Slann Riders

I have heavily modified the basic cold one by adding on a fur saddle, an idea coming from Steve Beales blog. This helps me to fit the rather oddly posed riders on convincingly. That era of Slann were designed with wide open leg stances to be used as either riders or foot infantry. I also added a banner pole onto the back using brass tubing and brass wire to detail. Finished by sculpting a feather onto the top. The banner bearer is done similarly. Shields have had feathers sculpted on also. I made the long spears using brass rod, with some green stuff to simulate bamboo. The spear head is from an old Slann spear top.

Here we see our lady elf from the recent #makeatrish painting competition recently on one of the popular Oldhammer friendly Facebook groups.

Dark Elves are expert sea raiders, marching up the beach in a tight protective armoured formation, supported by fast firing repeater crossbowmen who use the main block for cover

Fast moving armoured missile cavalry

Dark Elf beach head
Cold ones surge forth in a frenzy
Bull Slann Rider Champion
Bull Slann Riders with Standard
Citadel Perry Slann
Jungle Warfare
The Venom Tribe
El Jefe waits for his moment….
….and strikes
Hail to the King Baby!

12 thoughts on “Sea Reiver Raid, Rivers Run Red

  1. Superb mate – some fab minis in there, sweet conversions, and I particularly like the skin colouration on the Venom Tribe. Did you build the Hydra to have detachable heads?

    1. Cheers Alex :). The Hydra happened to not have had the central head glued in position, but it would indeed be fun to have a Hydra with magnetized detachable heads to represent wounds, especially since the heads regenerate if you use the Mordheim beasts rules from White Dwarf!

  2. It’s scenes like this that make me cherish the hobby, and love the blogging community. So many great paint jobs, and little Easter egg scenes to pour over for days. Thanks for sharing Otto!!!

  3. There’ such a wealth of photos of gloriously painted miniatures here! I really like the contrast between the cold monotone grey and silver Elves and the rainblow explosion of your Slann!

    1. Thanks Curis, I love that contrast myself. Battling colours is what I like to see between forces on a wargames table, like you get with Napoleonic minis in particular.

  4. Inchmurrin here. Wonderful work. I expect the painting, modelling and conversions to be as high quality as it is BUT the photography makes it all so accessible and delightful.

    1. Hi Inchmurrin, thank you for the nice feedback, it always helps to motivate me to paint more stuff, people who have collected a big lead mountain need all the motivation they can get! 🙂

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