Human Slave Test Model

Slann, Warhammer Fantasy
The Warhammer Armies entry for Human Slaves

The Warhammer Armies entry for Human Slaves


Test model for the Human Slaves.  Based on the Perry twins Mahadist Ansar plastics.  I have opted to paint him a little like he is of Norse origin before his…reconditioning.  I like having them with the ridiculous leashes, it is suggestive of many things I want to associate with these unfortunates.  I am thinking of the captive pet humans in the movie La Planete Sauvage (Fantastic Planet) more and more as I work on these guys…

Green stuff collar and leash

Green stuff used for the collar, leash. ankle restraint as well as the top of the club

Human Slave FrontHuman Slave Left

Human Slave Front Right

Human Slave Front Back

12 thoughts on “Human Slave Test Model

  1. Very good, they lose a bit of the “fat eunuch” vibe of citadel’s reference but they gain on the “lobotomised” side with a superb face expression.
    You never get worng with the Perrys do you? 😀
    Tattoos and clothes are really spot on. Do you plan on painting different skin tones on them or will you concentrate on white old invading old worlders?

    1. The Perry faces are very good, and you get lots of them to choose from. You are quite right, you do loose a bit of the “fatso” from them but that’s no major harm – the John Blanche source material is more the ideal here rather than the dumpy Warhammer Armies examples. I like the idea of fat eunuchs as bearers and baggage hangers on but I think the fighting eunuchs should be a bit more dangerous, given their standard human statline. I can envision Slann owning these as pets and wagering on fights etc.

      I will keep these guys as whitey old worlders, particularly Norse as the background for them is that they are captives who are re-conditioned to fight for the Slann – mine will be full grown warriors lobotomized, gelded and then sent into action rather than the Slann taking young captives and performing the procedure on them and then raising them in Slann society – that just seems like needless hassle for them to be doing all the time to my mind. I think the idea of just brain butchering the enemy and then turning them on themselves is much cooler.

  2. The lobotomised slave were one of my favourite things about the slann army. You’ve nailed it with this guy.

  3. Thats really nice Sean. The tattoos came out very well. Not a sci-fi cross compatible as I would like of course, but by making them dedicated to that particular setting you gain something else.

    How long did that take you to paint? How many do you plan to get in the unit(s)?

    1. Cheers Paul. I just lashed on the tattooing to be honest and then washed the whole of the skin in soft tone to mute them a little. More about suggestion of tattoos than accuracy.

      He probably took longer to paint than he should due to faffing about, but that’s normal for a test model like this. Most of him got done with the tried and trusted spray white, block in the flesh, block on the major flesh hilighlights and then wash with quickshade inks from Army Painter. The nature of the model means he is quick to paint – no bad superfluous detail’s to worry about, most of the work in on the skin. The nappy is just white highlights over the quickshaded white undercoat. The plan is to make about 20 of these guys for the Slann army, mainly for colour though. I always thought the best use of these troops is to charge your cold one cavalry into them on the first turn of the game to get their blood warmed up and to power up your heros parasitic blade (true story) 😉

  4. Nice conversion, great green stuff work! I agree with your take on the background, lobotomised Norse and other raiders from across the world pond make more sense than hand reared pudgy eunuchs. Bring on the other 19!

  5. Lobotomised eunuchs? The idea alone of such a horrible fate gives me cold shivers down my spine. The miniature really catches this feeling with its expression. The tattoos are really good and the additonal time you spent adding them was worthwhile.

    1. Cool, disturbing is the way to go with these unfortunates. Well I dare say he deserved it for all his former rape and pillage. I interpret these guys are an ironic take on the Viking/Conquistadore raider archetypes. They get a kind of just desserts from the Slann who are in desperate need of troops to resist the pressure from the invading dryskins. The tattoos are actually pretty straightforward to effect. The idea is just to give an impression of tattoos rather than trying to create a specific design. It is a lot like a doodle. You cant go wrong with lines in certain places e.g. horizontal lines around the biceps, across the eyes and so on. Constrain yourself to the biggest more visible areas rather than trying to cover the whole model – very few people have tattoos on their full body.

    1. Thanks 🙂

      In update to this I actually have 12 of these guys WIP at the moment, so I will certainly put them on the blog when I get a chance to do finish them off.

      I am also planning to produce some sculpts for human slave models very soon which will be available via another Bizaza Frog People Kickstarter before year end.

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