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Zardoz (1974)  is one of those movies that burned itself into my mind as a kid and it is not difficult to imagine why with imagery like this…






…Sean Connery in a wedding dress, yes indeed.

Expurgation of something like this from my mind calls for my calls for some Warhammer 40,000 catharsis.




Zardork has been built using the Savage Orc plastics from Games Workshop.  The base is a (edit, thanks Cheetor)30mm round base from EM4 miniatures and was kindly donated by Cheetor over at Sho3box, cheers dude!  The 30mm is a good fit for the wide stances of some of the models from the kit.  I hacked off any extraneous details from the model, reposed it and then did some green stuff sculpting to get him to look like Sean Connery in one of the most bizzare costumes in cinema history.  The gun is from the plastic Necromunda Goliath gangers in case you were wondering.



He is wearing a big ass ring which although not in the image above is from the movie none the less.  You will just have to watch the bugger if you want to know what that is about, perhaps more than once!  The ring is real plastic, just like the movie.





A WIP of the build:



He took me a fair while to make, but I think he was worth the effort.  Naturally now I feel the need to make an orky version of one of these for him to ride around in:


…and I’m spent. 😉

18 thoughts on “Zardork

  1. Legendary. Guaranteed bonus hilarity at the table.
    The moustache is very entertaining but the body hair is what makes the piece I think. It’s hard to comment on the outfit, the source material being so bizarre, but you did a great job on it. The pose is just right too. Wonderful 🙂

    (that’s a 30mm base by the way. Standard circular slot bases are 25mm)

    1. Doh, updated it to say 30mm, thanks Paul! You are right, it’s all about the uncomfortable level of bodily hair squigs. In hindsight I probably should have given him eyebrows…I can always add them later if I loose sleep over it.

      The pose was largely a lucky coincidence of the wonderfully versatile Savage Orcs plastics having a guy more or less in the right stance.

      It will be guaranteed giggles getting this old boy onto the table for some GorkaMorka!

  2. Maybe except the source material, everything is so right in this model !
    As Cheetor said, the pose is right, the sculpting is just splendid and the painting is on par with the rest. Never thought I’d love an ork with a ‘stache so much, it even feels weird.

    I’m dreaming of Magnork P.I. another great possible source but enough said…

    Looking thoroughly at it, I have to say I’m impressed at the level of sculpting you’ve reached. Practice is the best way to improve I understand that part but there must be some sort of talent in you from the start…

    1. Cheers JB. An Ork in a Hawaiian shirt with a tache has it’s appeals ;).

      A little talent always helps but primarily practice, practice, practice. None of us started out painting to any decent ability until we got a few models under our belts. Pushing myself to try to sculpt different things is important. I was cursing going into sculpting those bandoleers, but they weren’t that bad in the end which just goes to show my fear of the bandoleers was unfounded.

  3. Epic. He’ll be the star of whatever force he’s in. The bandoliers and general belt bits looks great. Really nice sculpting work. I missed the fact some of the had bullets in, nice. Ring: superb. Hair of various denominations: joyous. You’ve a winner of your hands there.

  4. My god, this is pure genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, the Dr. Evil type of genius, but still, a brilliant idea and execution!

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