Jungle Braves

Slann, Warhammer Fantasy
3rd edition WFB entry for Jungle Braves

The 3rd edition WFB entry for Jungle Braves

These are the first 5 of what will eventually be a unit of 15 Jungle Braves for the 3rd edition WHFB Slann force.  They represent the most primitive subjects of the emperor and as such I have painted them in a very simple colour scheme relative to the rest of the army.

Simple colour scheme of greens and browns with an accent of purple

Simple colour scheme of greens and browns with an accent of purple

I decided to paint the clubs a little like an Irish shillelagh for the hell of it rather than particularly going for something of south american inspiration.  I don’t plan on following along with real world historical precedent too closely, I am just going on my gut feeling of what I think will look good.  Generally I like to mix and match stuff in an anachronistic style as I think it suits the Warhammer feel more appropriately and leave historical accuracy to the historical wargamers.


In terms of gaming with them the Jungle Braves are levy troops and so have diminished statistics compared to the other Slann warriors while costing less points to field.  They can be used in closely formed units but are not exactly front line troops and would need to get onto a flank or rear of an engaged enemy to have any chance against decent enemy units.  They make for an inexpensive reserve unit and can bulk out a force considerably when used in this manner, a bit like Skaven slaves really.

Close formation

Close formation

They make for a good skirmishing unit standing in front of the expensive elite troops and generally taking any missile attacks the enemy can throw at them with their excellent toughness of 4.  I would not rely on them to do much actual killing of the enemy though except perhaps to chase off other skirmishers.  They are some of the worst shots in the Warhammer world so missile weapons are not a great option at all really unless you want to use them in a small skirmish game where you want adversaries who are inept at shooting at your central cast of characters (like any native who has fired a missile at Indiana Jones).  I have opted to equip them with shields as I intend to use them to “catch” any missiles destined for my precious elites.  They are also invaluable for drawing out the inevitable goblin fanatics!



For levy troops they have excellent Cool so they will tend to stand their ground and not panic when friendlies flee past them, highly desirable in WHFB 3rd edition.  Leadership 7 while good by levy standards is still about as reliable as a cowardly hooman though!

Run away!

Run away!


12 thoughts on “Jungle Braves

  1. Lovely. The spawning continues.

    Do you have any blowpipe equipped troops? I dont know how effective it is in any edition of Warhammer, but it does fit with notion of jungle native newts.

    1. Cheers!

      I do have some and will probably also convert some more when I get around to them. They are 12″ range Strength D6 weapons in Warhammer. I am a big fan of the newish Chameleon Skinks from GW which I may get some day – a bit pricey though like everything else they sell.

      1. I like those skinks too. Fun figures.

        For my purposes the cost of a handful of GW figs for skirmish games isnt usually a problem, simply because its always <5. A full Warhammer regiment is another matter of course…

        Things are shaping up well for our upcoming Deathworld caper. Good stuff 🙂

  2. I don’t get to play the wonderful game any more (and if I did I’d do a pick n mix of the editions most likely to make it make more sense to me) but I loved the 3rd edition stuff and am only saddened that I came into WHFB in 5th/6th edition! (I played WH40k from Rogue Trader onwards but started in 2nd edition, and gave up on 40K when they dumbed it down.) Makes me itch to play again!

      1. I would have loved to, Sir, but will sadly be unable to attend a public gaming session. Perhaps in the future 🙂 Your Venator heads post is epic, by the way! Keep up the good work! 😀

    1. Thanks Kurt, the process is pretty straight forward. I am using GW paints, the green is Camo Green – if they still use that colour.

      Really I should be working with a wet pallette but I am stuck in my ways at this stage.

      The process for these guys skin is:

      1. spray white
      2. Apply a watered down base colour
      3. Give a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone
      4. Apply a slightly less watery base colour layer again.
      5. Add some Bleached Bone to the base colour and layer it on to the raised details – key thing here is to keep the paint quite watery. You want it to be going on so that it has a translucent quality but it does not run into the recesses. You will develop a feel for this and practice makes perfect here. It can be a good idea to repeat this step when it dries as smoothness is basically gotten from multple layers of watery paint.
      6. Add even more bleached bone to the mix to get this highest highlights out.
      7. Apply a very watery ink glaze to help smooth out the layers. It is better to have a couple of watery glazes than to have one glaze that has too much ink in it!

      This is enough for the rank and file guys but you can add more stages of highlights if you want a finer effect – probably won’t notice on the table though.

      1. Tremendous. I use GW right out of the pot as well and AV, I sometimes water down. The smoothness of the paint is just great and something I want to master. Thank you for the method. Much appreciated!

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